Stolzen – questions and answers

Why choose our furniture and fronts?

At Stolzen we believe in a very individual relation with our Client.  We listen very carefully to what our client needs and expects, and we aim to give him just that in our bespoke furniture.

At Stolzen we use the best quality materials in the manufacturing process of our furniture and fronts.

This provides a guarantee that our products will serve you for years.

It is worth highlighting that lots of components used in our furniture are manufactured manually, with outmost care and attention to every detail as well as overall quality.

We use all support solutions for opening and closing cabinets and drawers that are available on the market. The solutions enable almost inaudible movement of the elements that are often activated electronically or by a very gentle touch.

What makes Stolzen furniture stand out?

Our state-of-art production park and traditional approach to crafting perfect furniture – this is how Stolzen philosophy is best described. By using advanced technology we create furniture with a soul.

As a manufacturer of fronts, cabinets, drawer accessories and many other fittings, we guarantee reliability of our furniture.

It is also worth mentioning that traditional and reliable manufacturing technologies are employed in the manufacturing process of all our products. Here the last word always belongs to a human – designer, technologist and manufacturer whose role is to ensure the quality of the finished product. This gives our products true character.

After 10 years of intensive use, Stolzen furniture looks like new – it is an investment for years.

How to order furniture with us?

If you wish to become a happy owner of our furniture you can:

  • visit one of our partner showrooms
  • send us your own project for verification and quote
  • contact our designer directly in our head offices
  • contact our sales representative
How to place and order with us?

Orders and quote requests should be sent in writing (by fax or email) to specific addresses or representatives for a given region (contact map) or by visiting our head office in person.

We do not take orders by phone.

Where can I view samples of STOLZEN furniture?

At Stolzen we manufacture kitchen furniture and fronts to individual orders. Designs and examples of specific units and fronts can be found on our website and in our product catalogues as well as in our head offices.

What should I know about Stolzen furniture?

In our manufacturing process we apply the newest design trends and aim at the highest quality. We achieve our goals by employing a team of highly qualified specialists, by operating in a modern manufacturing park and by building on decades long experience in the trade.

Our brand is a guarantee of the highest quality in the furniture industry.

Our company was established in 1994 and is developing dynamically on the furniture market.  Our capital is 100% Polish. With over 20 years of experience and passion for manufacturing furniture fronts we fulfil the needs and wishes of our clients, offering unique products.

We are one of the top manufacturers of wooden furniture fronts as well as veneered and lacquered fronts.